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Makes life easier and more convenient for consumers
It helps consumers around the world by making it simpler to make transactions, exchange digital content, and connect electronic devices with a touch.
It harmonizes today's diverse contactless technologies, enabling current and future solutions in
various areas like payment, transportation & digital exchange.
NFC Solution
Maxartists has been onto the field of Near Field Communication from 2006 onwards. We have successfully developed various customized NFC solutions ranging from large to medium size projects across various environments for our various clients across the Globe. Near Field Communication (NFC) is the latest short-range wireless connectivity technology that enables a secure means of communication between two electronic devices in safe and faster mode.
It supports the use of mobile handsets by touch-based interaction, which is an intuitive and user-friendly way of establishing connections and exchanging information between mobile handsets and other devices by just setting them side by side. We have proven our expertize in various types of NFC phones ranging from Nokia 6212, Nokia 6131 SWP, Nokia C7, Nokia 700, Google Nexus, Blackberry 9900, Blackberry Bold 9790, Samsung Galaxy S2 (NFC) and NFC Stickers ( like Twinlinx NFC Sticker).
The Benefits of Near Field Communication:
Easy to use: NFC interactions only require a single touch
Versatile: NFC provides solutions for a wide range of industries
Open and standards-based: The underlying technology of NFC is based on universally implemented ISO, ECMA and ETSI standards
Technology-enabling: NFC technology allows for a simple and fast setup of other wireless technologies such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi
Secure: NFC data transmissions are short range
Inter-operable: NFC can be used with existing contactless card technologies
Security-enabled: NFC can support secure applications
Fraud detection & management: lost card blocking, suspicious transaction alert.
A detailed view of the NFC solutions is available here:
Traveller Guide:
The Traveler Guide is a NFC (Near Field Communication) based solution for the travelers to determine the position and direction of the events or items they need. The traveler has to touch the tag in the poster using the NFC mobile to get the details like location, current weather in the destination etc..
NFC Smart Poster Solution for Retailers (SPSR):
NFC Smart poster solution for the retailers is a solution to determine the position and direction of the retailers and the latest offers they provide. The customer has to touch the tag on the poster using the NFC enabled device to retrieve the information regarding the location of the retailer and the latest offers they are providing for the customers.
NFC Ticket Solution:
The NFC_Ticketing Solution is a Ticketing platform which provides services for NFC travel tickets on metros, tubes and buses. The NTS platform comprises of a web application named NTS server, a mobile client named e-wallet, Handheld Ticket readers and Checkpoint readers.
Kassa is a touch screen desktop application communicating with the NFC reader,in which users can purchase event tickets, food, items, etc and make payments using Loyalty points, Credit card and Debit card by showing his NFC mobile phone over a reader.
Tap n' share:
Tap n' Share is a sophisticated application that allows you to exchange your contact details with others in the form of a Business Card, with just a TAP. Tap n' Share is a simple and elegant application that helps you to create and exchange your personalized business cards with another person and vice versa, with just a TAP. Tap n' Share makes exchanging contact details precise and effortless.
Security Guard Monitoring System:
The Security Guard Monitoring System ( SGMS ) can be used to monitor the activities of security guards during their inspection patrol tours. This system is a high-tech replacement to the traditional mechanical time clocks used by security personnel.
NFC Readers:
We have worked on various NFC readers like Philips Pegoda, PN531 (USB/Serial), Arygon, Omnikey Cardman 5321, Accesso 2G, ACS ACR122, Payter Terminal (USB/Serial), Inside Contactless NFC Reader, Myztro NFC Blutooth reader and we have developed custom USB drivers for these readers.