Backed by extensive experience in advanced web technologies, our core website development
services allow us to create powerful dynamic websites that built on the latest
technologies and provide a truly integrated social experience.
We build custom solutions
Our aim is to provide the best solution and development, and in order to do it we try to truly understand the
business and its operation, setting up a group of solutions that not only suit to the
organization needs, but also are feasible and sustainable.
Solution Development
Solution development fundamentals cover the cross-cutting aspects of solution development, such as security, caching, data access, validation, exception management, and so on. It also includes application architecture, development process, the software development life cycle (SDLC), and application life cycle guidance.The full potential of mobile phones is yet to be unlocked.
As technology is progressing, it is exploring the unexplored aspects of mobile phones. It even makes certain things happen which were marked almost impossible even in our imagination. Buying a ticket for a concert has been made easy that you can do the purchase from which ever location you are just by using your mobile phone.
Examples of our Solution Development
Mobile Ticketing Solution
Mobile Ticketing Solution features almost everything. The tickets can be acquired using a mobile application and is sent directly to the phone. The user will only need to show the electronic ticket he received at the point of entry. Only queue he has to follow is the one to enter the show as he will have his own personal ticket booth available anywhere anytime. We are up with a solution for this: the mobile application used to buy the tickets, server application that sends the ticket and even the application that is required for the readers/scanners!
Interactive Mobile Applications
Another example of solution development lies in our "interactive mobile applications" - SMS based applications. This application work in a simple way-people send premium SMS with an action while a central application displays the result and performs the action accordingly. This ranges from displaying a scrolling text bar with messages in a TV screen to managing a completely interactive jukebox where users can choose what songs they want to listen to.
Tyre Management System
The Tyre Management System (TMS) is a platform that prolongs the life of a tyre through preventative maintenance, it not only monitors and manages the condition of tyres, but encompasses tyre supply, site surveys and detailed recommendations of operational practices and give visible asset management.Tyre data can be collected by Tyre Survey Engineers through on-site visits and recorded into hand held computers for being uploaded directly to the backend server for further interpretation and analysis.
Access Conrol System
Access Control System is a solution for Gyms to provide secure access for their members.Each member will be provided with a Mifare Wrist band. A valid member will get access to the Gym cabinet when the Mifare access control system automatically releases the door lock if the member's Mifare Wrist band is a valid one. The hardware/software modules to be developed for the Access Control System are Mifare access control Device and its firmware and PC application for assign/de-assign Mifare Wrist bands.